Artist Statement

I became interested in Graphic Design in high school. When I am doing a project well I am very proud and very happy with myself. I aspire to give a client what they want, but also more. I am great at listening and taking criticism and I take what I hear and use it to make my design even better. I am not afraid to reach out of my comfort zone and try something new. A goal of mine is to continue to learn from experiences and get better as I go along. I want to be able to try new things and gain new experiences.

When starting a new project I start my work based on what I have an interest in. I try to do something that I can relate to and put my emotions into. I also want to do things that other people may know about. When deciding what materials to use it depends on the project. For some projects I draw part of it and then scan it into the computer. It all depends on my topic and what I am making.

At Xavier University I have gained experience in many different areas. I have learned to apply my knowledge to magazine covers and layouts, creating a logo that fits the client, and also creating posters that have a very clear and strong message. I have also learned to do what the client wants but that they may not always be right or know what they want so always do a little extra.